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IntelPlus is a business intelligence tool that puts the most accurate, real-time information at your fingertips. By pulling your organisation’s data into a unified patient-centric model, IntelPlus can help you navigate your data so you can see the path to follow.


We have spent the last 20 years building and refining IntelPlus, driven by our belief in a better health system based on better information.


People make better decisions with better information. 

That's why IntelPlus has been structured to make it easy for users to quickly find information they need to answer the questions of today so they can make better decisions for tomorrow.  

Increased efficiency leads to better outcomes. 

IntelPlus combines information from multiple data sources providing your staff with an overall view of the activity so you can clearly see what is not right within the organisation and take action. The data is pre-validated during the loading process to ensure that the insights you draw are reliable and trustworthy. 

A data warehouse suited for your organisation’s needs.

IntelPlus also allows site specific customisation, additional fields used as part of your business processes, business rules that should be applied to the data or additional reports that answer the key questions your staff are asking for.  

We believe in committing to long-term client relationships. 

IntelPlus is built on a core model that we have developed over the last 20+ years of designing business intelligence solutions for hospitals of all sizes. Purchase of the system also includes ongoing support so that you participate in the continuing development of the system as the health sector changes and matures.  

Our staff understand the challenges that hospitals face and where the pressure points are. We have worked to ensure that IntelPlus meets those needs, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Our team of experts are there to support you both now and into the future.

What do you get when you buy IntelPlus?


Industry Standard Technology

Built on industry standard Microsoft SQL Server technologies.

A Patient-Centric Data Model

IntelPlus is source-system agnostic, providing you with clear information that allows you to keep focussed even as systems change around you.  

IntelPlus gives a view of the patient journey showing the activities that took place.  

Business Rules Engine

The IntelPlus Business Rules Engine is used to: 

  • clean data,

  • match activity,

  • set clinical indicators,

  • define contracts,

  • count funded events - a must for Activity Based Funding.

Standard Structure For Health - with over 20 years of design

While CBS allows customisation of the system to occur for each site, you as the client are not having to reinvent the wheel from scratch.  With IntelPlus, out of the box comes a system that has already solved the specific health industry related problems including:

  • matching activity like radiology and pathology to funded events

  • a master patient ID across the system

  • the handling of multiple years and being able to end-date old data

  • being source system agnostic means as your systems change, your reporting doesn’t have to

  • grouping of patient events into contracts

  • wait list history and ageing

  • referral management and measuring times from referral received to triage to patient notified

  • inpatient versus outpatient data

  • handling multiple versions of DRG

  • domicile reporting

  • ethnicity and Indigenous status

  • eligibility of ACC/Medicare patients, international patients and insurance cover

  • storing employee payroll data like hours of sick leave owing or leave taken

  • financial data from the general ledger including full drill down to the transaction PDF image

  • over 40 different pre-written interfaces with third party systems that are common to the health sector

  • a suite of commonly used database functions

  • SQL views that make querying the database very easy

  • SQL extracts to load reporting and dashboard tools


IntelPlus is the foundation on which other CBS solutions rely. It brings the data together in one place, ensures the quality of the information and makes that available to other systems and users to add value.

IntelPlus is at the core of the CBS Application Suite.


Contact us today to learn more about how IntelPlus and our wider product suite can help your organisation