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ChargePro offers a solution to accurately identify and bill costs your organisation is entitled to. 


Since implementing ChargePro, we have seen big increases in the revenue from ACC and Patient Billing.

ChargePro enables you to better navigate the complexities of billing to ensure you make the most of every billing situation. Programmed to understand your billing rules, the system identifies billing opportunities that are otherwise difficult to manage manually. Working closely with your financial system, ChargePro automatically takes care of aligning billing outputs with your financial records.

When it comes to running a large health care organisation, the complexities of invoicing other organisations for patient treatment contributions can prove difficult. 

Whether it’s for ACC, Medicare, a general insurer or another organisation, billing opportunities are often surrounded by puzzling guidelines. These guidelines result in many health care organisations struggling to accurately identify what they are entitled to bill for and missing out on funding they are entitled to. 

With a passion for ensuring the right money is in the right pockets, we’ve developed ChargePro, a software that utilises billing guidelines to ensure you make the most of every billing opportunity.

ACC billing


The rules for ACC billing are complex and when managed manually accurate billing can prove difficult. To overcome these manual billing constraints, we’ve utilised technology to systemise and automate parts of the ACC billing process for your organisation. 

In creating this system, we’ve considered the key challenges faced by health care providers in relation to billing ACC for their entitlements.

Here’s how our system helps you make the most of every ACC billing opportunity:

  • Seamless management of ACC purchase orders
    The ACC billing system offers a simple way to manage ACC purchase orders. System functionality ensures effective tracking and monitoring from receiving an order all the way through to receipting the payment.

  • Return to hospital counting
    The system tracks whether your organisation can bill ACC based on the patient’s original accident and how long following this accident they have returned to hospital. Again, capturing every opportunity for accurate billing.

  • Alerts for continued service
    Without prior approval, ACC won’t cover continued service for a patient. This system alerts health care providers before it’s too late. Giving time to seek prior approval and purchase order extension to ensure costs are directed to ACC, not absorbed by your organisation.

  • Service item coding
    The system references ACC contracts and matches hospital activity codes with the right ACC service item codes, reducing administration time while increasing data accuracy and improving the likelihood of claim acceptance.

  • System integration
    The ACC billing system integrates with your organisation’s financial system. To eliminate double handling of ACC invoices, your financial system will automatically be updated with the electronic records related to all ACC invoicing.

  • Batch payment uploads
    For quick and easy delivery of invoices to ACC, the billing software outputs your invoices in batches ready to be uploaded directly to the ACC online system.

  • Payment matching & receipting
    Following payment from ACC, the system matches the invoices and receipts these accordingly. The system then works closely with your financial system to provide all necessary information to ensure alignment for accurate financial reporting.

  • Automatic credit notes for declined claims
    Once a system user identifies an ACC claim as declined, the system will generate a credit note and apply this to the original invoice, registering this in both the billing system and your financial system for data alignment.

  • Specialised reporting on declined claims
    Avoid overstating ACC and understating ministry volumes by accurately reporting declined ACC claims. The system encourages you to identify whether the services provided will be either funded by ministry or a domicile DHB for inter-district flows, not left unidentified.

  • Staff resourcing
    With the ACC billing system in place, much of the inputting is automated, freeing your staff resources up to focus on data quality and educating other departments of its importance.

The ACC Billing system provides your
organisation with a targeted solution for ensuring all ACC billing opportunities are
capitalised. We know it will positively
impact your bottom line.  


Interested in what ACC Billing can do for your organisation? 

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