We are business intelligence specialists, taking data from your existing systems and analysing it to provide you with the information you require.



CBS analyses your organisation and transforms your systems and processes to produce the information you need to achieve outstanding results. CBS works primarily in health and education sectors but has also assisted organisations from many other sectors, both public and private, to generate the information they require to be successful.

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Our flagship product, CostPro, works in the health sector providing key information to stakeholders from managers to the Board monitoring both the financial and non financial performance of the organisation at multiple levels. Having this information at their fingertips enables the user to make decisions based on real data rather than just gut feel. This information is used internally by the District Health Board and nationally by the Ministry of Health to set prices for health services and to compare the performance of various District Health Boards.

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CBS is also available to develop software that fits perfectly with your organisation's way of operating. You can bring us your problems and our analysts can assist you with determining if your existing systems can provide the information and if necessary augment them with additional processes or software to give you the information you require.

CBS is much more than a software development company. We are business intelligence experts who can help you get the maximum return from your existing investment in software and put the information you need at your fingertips.