We are business intelligence specialists, taking data from your existing systems and analysing it to provide you with the information you require.


Costing and Business Solutions was formed in 1996 as a result of the need of public hospitals requiring specialist support and knowledge in Patient Level Costing (PLiCs) and business intelligence.

Since then, company director Ross Wilson and his team, have revolutionised the way District Health Boards throughout New Zealand manage their data. Today, CBS is a health industry leader in patient costing and business intelligence systems with more than 65% of District Health Boards involved in patient costing using CostPro and IntelPlus.

CBS and CostPro was recognised in 2006 as a finalist in the Health Innovation Awards for helping District Health Boards save millions of dollars. 


One of the key strengths of CBS has been our close relationships with our customers. The software we develop is in direct response to the challenges that our customers are facing and as a result is tailored for a perfect fit. CBS is committed to developing systems that are easy to use, cost effective and strategically advantageous to our clients.

Our staff have years of experience in both the technical skills of developing great software, but also years of experience working in the health sector as analysts and accountants. This deep understanding of the challenges our clients face allows us to develop unique and innovative solutions for our customers. CBS also has experience in project management, business case preparation, resource planning and activity based costing. We have the person who can help you solve your problems and do more with the information you have.

CBS is making a big difference to many organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia and Abu Dhabi.

“We see our relationship with CBS as a true business partnership.
Both the system and the support we receive directly from the CBS team enable us to move forward and do our jobs well.”

- Kate Owens, Budget and Costing Lead, Waikato DHB 


Meet the Team

CBS Mngt 3 (Best).jpg

The CBS Management Team

L - R (back row): Paul Taumanu, Nicole Sherburn, Stephen McNickle L - R (front row): Darryl Groufsky, Ross Wilson  

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Ross Wilson 2.jpg

Ross Wilson - Managing Director

Our visionary, Ross spends most of his time working with providers of health services in identifying opportunities for financial and quality improvements.

He has a passion for delivering solutions that produce automated business information accurately and quickly - enabling our clients to achieve much needed ongoing efficiency gains.  

Ross started out in the ‘90s as a chartered accountant for a large hospital. He quickly developed an expertise in Activity Based Costing (ABC). CostPro, IntelPlus and FocusPro is actually the embodiment of over 25 years of thought and design from our direct contact with health professionals on a daily basis. 

Intensely competitive at work but fun-loving, Ross plays jazz clarinet and sax and races cars (not at the same time). 

Paul Taumanu 2.jpg

Paul Taumanu - Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Paul keeps the team focussed on what matters to our clients. Paul has a lot of large hospital operations management experience and continues to be used by large hospitals for his thought leadership. 

His natural ability to plan and schedule means that he knows what is the right stuff that needs getting done at the right time.

He stays in the field, and after work, Paul is still on the field taking it all out on the rugby and cricket opposition.

Stephen McNickle 1-2.jpg

Stephen McNickle - Solutions Architect

Our Solutions Architect, Stephen has been with us since 2006 building our health software into an information standards-compliant and flexible solution that grows with both national requirements and individual client requirements.

Like the rest of the team, Stephen is in direct contact with clients on a daily basis, and attending health user groups.

When Stephen's not working, he's playing hockey, and when it's too cold for that he turns to computer gaming.  

Darryl Groufsky 1.jpg

Darryl Groufsky - Senior Business Consultant

With a long background in the health sector, and at CBS with Ross since 1999, Darryl's detailed knowledge of the health sector is invaluable to solving complex problems that our clients throw at us. 

His near photographic memory means that he can apply solutions to problems quicker than you can say "otolaryngology".  

To unwind, Darryl likes to whack cricket and golf balls around in Fiji.

Craig Stevens.jpg

Craig Stevens - Consultant

A chartered accountant with a background in manufacturing and health, and ten years finance sector experience in the UK, Craig has recently returned to his roots and teamed up with CBS to implement and maintain patient costing across a multitude of clients. 

You'll meet Craig when you upgrade to CostPro, and at health sector user groups and conferences.

When he can, Craig escapes on his mountain bike - with or without his three daughters.

Andrew Jansen.jpg

Andrew Jansen - General Manager, UK  

Andrew comes from the fast-evolving international commercial airline sector with a corporate programmes/projects background, and airline economics roles. He's been in the UK for 18 years and his spouse is a NHS health practitioner. You will meet Andrew if you are a UK-based health provider wanting to get to know more about CBS and CostPro. 

A keen photographer, he loves to hike and bike with his young family - and with camera. Otherwise, he's following his son and daughter around rugby and cricket fields.