Using real data, FocusPro simplifies KPI reporting and increases accountability across your organisation.


Designed to increase performance and encourage a culture of accountability, the FocusPro KPI system puts you in the driver’s seat. Drawing on reliable data, the system enables users to track, monitor and analyse areas of performance within their team, department and organisation.

These key system functionalities enable FocusPro to deliver results for your organisation:

  • Clarity in the detail
    Accurate performance management relies on having a clear view of your KPIs. FocusPro gives you clarity through the ability to drill into the detail of each KPI to understand factors impacting performance.

  • View tailored to you
    Intuitive system functionality makes it simple to setup or adjust your interactive dashboards for accurate monitoring of KPI targets that matter to you. The personalised dashboard area provides clear visual comparisons of actuals and targets, supported by colour coded alerts to keep you well informed.

  • Reliable and automated data
    FocusPro automatically updates the KPI data from the systems where the original data is held. The information is accurate, reliable and available when you need it, ensuring operational decisions are made using the most relevant information.

  • Intuitive system
    The system has been designed to be intuitive. From layout through to navigation, the simplicity of FocusPro makes it easy for managers through to clinicians to familiarise themselves with and utilise regularly.

  • Accessible and available
    People across the organisation who require access to FocusPro for managing KPIs can do so through any web browser. It’s easy to login and setting up new user access is simple too, at no additional cost.

Taking a closer look at the system: 

FocusPro Dashboard 2.png



Logging in to FocusPro you’ll be greeted by your personalised interactive dashboard. A highly visual screen showing you how your KPIs are tracking and highlighting areas that warrant your attention. This is your entry point for further KPI exploration.

FocusPro KPI Specific Screen Enlarged.png


KPI Specific

When an overview isn’t enough, access to KPI specific detail is one click away. Click on any KPI to investigate the trend data and variance causes.

KPI Detail Screen.jpg


KPI Detailed view

Dive even deeper into the data to draw a concise conclusion. The detailed view here gives you access to the data held by the system, so you can drill into all detail available to really understand what is impacting your KPIs.

Interested in seeing the system in action? 

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration of FocusPro.