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CostPro is transparent patient costing information at your fingertips.


CostPro is the complete solution to understanding costs in a health provider and is being used by over 65% of NZ health boards. CostPro allows you to determine the fully absorbed cost of patient activity, cost drivers and implications. With the ability for daily information updates and real-time data accuracy, you can see the total cost of patients discharged in the previous 24 hours because of CostPro’s overnight data updates. Changes to the costing model can be applied within minutes providing the most accurate costing information available. CostPro delivers data reporting to NZ, Australian and UK costing standards.

CostPro delivers:

  • The Patient Level Costing (PLiCs) data return required by the UK NHS

  • The IHPA patient data request required in Australia

  • The NCCP return required in New Zealand

Many health providers have over 80 different data sources that CostPro connects to. The costing process is automated to update patient episodes each night. Patient costs are then available the following morning.

Our standard reports include analysis of:

  • Cost by day of stay

  • Direct vs overhead costs

  • Department activity by month against a budget

  • Volume and efficiency impact making up a financial variance

  • Patient reports that identify episode cost outliers and the ability to review patient coding alongside patient activity

Our solution delivers complete transparency of overhead allocations and the ability to quickly audit and track  

  • Who allocated costs to my department?

  • Where did my overhead department get allocated to?

Other features:

  • Our suite of reconciliation reports enable you to balance the costing system back to your general ledger

  • Immediate cost model updates – when you update a cost driver the cost effect is immediately available

  • Can run both a budget (or standard cost) as well as an actual cost model for each financial year

  • Customisable audit checks – more than 20 pre-loaded checks to identify source data issues immediately

  • Cost maintenance screens are easy to use

“Prior to CostPro, the costing team spent most of their time ‘feeding’ the data system. Since implementation, the team spend only a third of their time in this space.”

Senior Manager, Activity & Costing Evaluation Service Darling Downs HHS, Australia